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The Micro Thumpinator is the compact version of the Thumpinator. It has same filter of its big brother with unbalanced input/output.




micro-thumpinator micro-thumpinator

As the Thumpinator, the Micro Thumpinator accepts instrument and line level signals. It can be used between preamplifier and power-amplifier or between bass and a combo amplifier or anywhere in the effect chain.






  • Hand made
  • Built using the finest components
  • unbalaced input and output
  • Power supply: 7-10V, 2.1mm centre negative, regulated (60mA). It can be daisy chained.


At [sfx] we keep our devices design constantly under review. For this reason, the specifications are indicative and they may vary without notice.


 Customer comments

   First things first.
Now that I have one, I cannot live without it. What this unit did for my tone is very simple to explain, it controlled it. I am a finger player and enjoy the type of attack that folks such as Entwistle enjoy. Hard when needed, which is the important part of this. Before, when I would attack the strings hard, I would get all kinds of unpleasant artefacts from my cab. Mostly, the dreaded thump. Will this unit take that away entirely? No, which is a good thing. What it leaves is what you would expect... a solid finger tone without all the extra low end thump. I really had to a/b the Thumpinator a few times before I understood how it changed my signal. At first, I was left wondering what the hell it was even doing. Then I started actually playing a song and voilà, there it was. I could "go places" I was shying away from before. I could really attack my string, properly compressed after the Thumpinator mind you, and not fear a bad response. I sat in my band room for 2 days going over each of my riffs and changing them to what I had originally intended. No more will I have to be cautious.

   I was always told as a young man that the tone was in my fingers. Now, that tone can be heard as intended.

   I highly recommend the micro Thumpinator for any finger players. It simply controls your signal. I cut through better overall and I can beat it if I want without remorse.

   In regards to effects, for those that use them, having a solid signal has only helped. I run the Micro Thumpinator first in my effects chain, allowing effects to do what they need to do with the signal, rather than try to control it after. In the end, running it first was the best route. A controlled signal... hell. Who would have thunk it?

   Thanks [sfx]; I am going to be buried with this thing.

- Paul C, USA


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